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QR Code Marketing

Merge the worlds of print and digital marketing to drive traffic to your site via a seamless, innovative, and immediate method. Since anything less than a smart phone is almost obsolete, employing the technological luxuries of these devices in the world of marketing is… smart!

What are QR Codes and How do they Strengthen Online Marketing?

You might have seen the unique, black and white, square boxes of QR Codes everywhere from print publications, advertisements, and strategically placed on products. These QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, function like bar codes, but with a greater and more powerful existence. Consumers are encouraged to use their smart phones (iPhone, Android, etc.), scan these QR Codes, and retrieve various information regarding the product or business scanned. Consumers may then be exposed to a target landing page regarding the product scanned, a list of tutorials on how to use a product, or even some useful product reviews. Not only does this allow for target marketing, but it also encourages a unique user experience that is virtually absent in any other marketing strategy.

Key Benefits of our QR Code Marketing Package:

  • User Convenience - In our culture, consumers want things yesterday. Now, with the use of QR Codes, information can be received in an immediate fashion. By simply scanning a QR Code, a target consumer can be afforded the convenience of a one-step process to visiting a business website, retrieving business information, promotions, and anything else regarding the scanned code. Consumers no longer have to scramble to write down the name of a business or product on a napkin, only to run home and “Google” said business. Now, consumers are just a scan away from immediate redirection to your website.
  • Content and Context - Much like any of On Top Visibility’s other marketing stratagem, the QR Code marketing campaign always aims to drive consumers toward content that is contextually relevant. If a consumer is looking for product reviews and gets redirected to the “Services” page of a business, that QR Code would be deemed unsuccessful in its conversion to act. On Top Visibility will ensure that all QR Code marketing adheres stringently to a contextually relevant matter.
  • Helpful Call to Action - Chances are great that many individuals are still unaware and confused by the QR Code altogether. In designing this marketing campaign, On Top Visibility encourages a helpful and informational call to action. Including user-friendly, helpful language such as, “Scan this code to receive promotions…,” will further encourage users to actually visit your website and make the call to action.
  • Consider the Mobile Device - Since most individuals conduct every day, digital communication on their smart phones, it is in your best interest to consider the pervasion of mobile communication. Applying a QR Code, that redirects users to a mobile-friendly landing page, is paramount to furthering a call to action.
  • QR Code Tracking - As discussed in Pay Per Click Marketing, tracking your consumers via geography, time, and various other data is helpful to your marketing campaign over time. By retrieving this helpful information, On Top Visibility can collect clear, concise information on your QR Code Marketing campaign.
On Top Visibility can design a QR Code campaign that will make your customers feel like they're participating in something exclusive and special.
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