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Why We’re One of the Best Web Marketers in Long Island

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On Top Visibility from start to finish were fantastic and professional, that included, prompt communication, design expertise, and concern and care to what I felt was important for my website. They answered every email, call, or message I left almost immediately. They handled every tweak to make my site exactly how I wished. The end result shows! Thank you to the amazing staff at On Top Visibility!
Rene Galietti,
Body Works Day Spa

After looking at quite a few Web design companies, I was relieved to find On Top Visibility. They were very professional, and got my website designed in a timely fashion. I continue to work with them on SEO, and other marketing programs, to increase my exposure. It’s the best money I ever spent on advertising. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality internet advertising company.

I am extremely pleased with On Top Visibility, because they have saved me much time and money I otherwise would have wasted trying to design a website on my own. They have a sharp eye for design and functionality, and understand my needs for a powerful and relevant web presence. I highly recommend their work.
Kris Hamilton,

I originally had designed my own website several years ago and, although it worked, it wasn’t particularly appealing or professional looking. At the time, I just wanted something. I recently contracted On Top Visibility to completely redesign my website. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and the process by which it was completed. Their staff was very attentive to accommodate the features that I wanted on the site, as well as adding details and overall design concepts that I wouldn’t have been able to implement or create without their team of experts. I would certainly recommend them to any business that is seeking a great web design service.

I just want to say thank you for all your help this year. Opening a new business today is very scary, at times. With all the training and knowledge I have, I know that a website presence is so important. The consumer today wants to research and make appointments via their laptops and smart phones. In just one year, you have provided me with so many new clients. Your monthly reports have shown me an increase month over month and, today, the Internet is my number one referral. The process with On Top Visibility has been pretty smooth. I admit my nerves were high when we began the process, but you were so calm, and funny at times, and we put together a beautiful website in just under a month. My website has all of the important characteristics a website should have, and the flexibility to add and change events and promotions that I run throughout the year. I had come from an Internet-based website company that charged me extra for all that you do, and I had to do it myself. Who has the time for that these days? I am so glad I switched.
Carolyn Calvacca,
White Lotus Massage

My name is Jules and I am the owner of Yoga Nanda in Garden City, New York. My business is fairly new. When I first opened, to keep my costs low, I had my dad build my website. After being open one year, I learned that the program in which my dad built my website was no longer compatible with the Internet, and that no changes could be made to it.

At first I was panicked, as I thought it would cost a lot of money to build a new website, especially for one as nice as I wanted and as many pages as I needed. I was already a client of On Top Visibility’s and remembered that they had mentioned they also build websites. To start, I was blown away at how affordable they are! I was still a little bit nervous about what the site would turn out to look like, but was excited to get it started.

Their designers took my ideas and enhanced them beyond what my creative imagination could think of! They were so patient, allowing me to be involved every step of the way – also completing my edits very fast! And if there was something that didn’t seem like it could be done, but I wanted, they researched and made sure that it was done to make me happy. They did not once make me feel like I was making them go out of their way! My website is 100 times better than it was, and I am so proud of it! My clientele has also expressed and sent me many emails about how much they’ve been enjoying the new site!

As a business owner, I believe that your website is one of your most important marketing tools. A person or future client can judge a lot of your business, before they’ve even been there, based on your website. If you are looking to create a stunning website, that truly expresses your essence and your business, look no further!

Jules Boutelle,
Yoga Nanda
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